Edward Reilly

Email: edwardreilly@fullsail.edu urdnotedward@gmail.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/edreilly1


Summary of Qualifications

·         Firm understanding of game mechanics, game play loops, and flow.

·         Experience with the game development process with multiple projects from ideation to release. 

·         Experience with usability and playtesting, with an understanding of how to implement feedback to improve a game/project.

·         Programming experience with JS and C#, with a specialization in Unity C# programming.

·         Experience in Unity3D, with multiple projects completed.

·         Beginner familiarity with UE4.

·         Understanding and experience with UI design.

·         Experience with version control software (Perforce) on multiple team projects.

·         Understanding of how to pitch game ideas and concepts through methods such as a Pecha Kucha.

·         Great deal of experience working with a team, not just from my time at Full Sail but during my time in the US Army.

·         Lead multiple teams on projects during school and spent time as a Team Leader in the US Army in high stress environments.



Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Bachelors of Science Degree

Game Design (Graduation Date: October 2015)

Final GPA: 3.7


Work Experience

2015 June – 2015 September | awesome.Invoke()


Rocket Spaz

·         Worked with 3 other students as a team to brainstorm and pitch an original concept for a game.

·         Helped to create a playable prototype to prove the game concept.

·         Worked with the team during a three month development process with a focus on the UI.

·         Delivered the game on time without missing a single deadline.


2010 September – 2012 April | US Army (Reserve)


·         Trained as a Drill Sergeant Candidate to attend Drill Sergeant School.

·         Assisted peers with studying and training for Drill Sergeant School preparation.


2006 July – 2010 July | US Army (Active Duty)


·         Operated as part of a highly trained team to accomplish goals in a high stress environment.

·         Volunteered for the airborne, serving with a unit that could be ready and deployed within 18 hours of first notice.

·         Became a team leader, guiding and training a group of 5 – 7 soldiers.


Personal Interests


·         Making games! Besides working on larger projects, I love thinking up a concept and then trying it out with a small prototype in Unity or on paper. I find that the window of opportunity for learning is wide open this way.

·         Playing games! I love all sorts of games from casuals like Audiosurf to grand strategies like Europa Universalis 4.

·         Passion for history. I am definitely an armchair historian with a love for all things history; military, political, economic, you name it! I especially enjoy studying the finer points of operational level warfare of the 20th century.