Hello and welcome to my portfolio! My name is Edward Reilly and I am a game designer. I graduated from Full Sail University in September of 2015 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Game Design.  Before this I spent six years in the US Army, four of them on active duty.

Why design?

After I got out of the military I didn’t have an idea of what I wanted to pursue in life so I ended up working a lot of different jobs from hanging Christmas lights, working security, to commercial fishing in Alaska. It was in the company of an old Army comrade while in Alaska that I learned of Full Sail and what they offered. I have always been an avid player since childhood and interested in the design and development process. After some research I enrolled a few months later.

Besides gaming I have always been interested in various subjects such as history, astronomy, technology and many others. I found that being a game designer I can take inspiration from all of the things I love and bring them to a design; this is why I have chosen to follow this path. There are so many things to learn and possibilities to explore.  I can’t wait to fall further down the rabbit hole.

Contact Information

Email: edwardreilly@fullsail.edu

Twitter: @urdnot_edward